History Made As Female Head Of School Is Announced

Beginning July 1, 2017 Alexandra ‘Alixe’ Callen (https://www.linkedin.com/in/alixe-callen-278a526/) will take her place as the 12th head of St. George’s School in Seattle, Washington where she will be making history as the first female in her position. Alixe is currently employed with Seattle’s Lakeside School as an upper school director where she holds more than 10 years of experience working in leadership positions in both public and private schools.

Callen is no stranger to dealing with teenagers, as a mom to 2 teen-aged boys she explains that her “entire career has been spent helping teenagers to be kind, to watch out for each other, and to be contributing members”. She attended Brown University where she received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and went on to receive her master’s and doctorate from Harvard University where she was mentored by one of the leaders of educational reform, Guggenheim Fellowship for Humanities award holder Ted Sizer. Alixe also participated in courses focusing on secondary-school design, school reform and leadership.

Callen then served as an assistant principal of Needham High School in Massachusetts until the year 2008, then advanced to a principal position at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School until the year 2013. Since then she has been working at Lakeside School in Seattle, Washington where she currently resides with her husband James “Ace” Bailey and her sons Zander and Miles.

She is welcomed by the current head of School Eric Peterson, and his wife Krista Peterson who serves as senior associate director of admission. The Petersons have devoted 12 years of excellence in leading the school, and will greatly be missed for their assistance in making St George’s the ” academically exceptional and warm and nurturing community that it is today”.

As we give her a warm welcome to the Hilltop next summer, keep in mind that she comes from a long line of St. George’s Alumni and will be focused on the mission of the school: nurturing the students so that they may discover their particular talents, to prepare them for a successful college experience, and to encourage them to lead lives of constructive service to others. She says she is “humble and proud” to be working in a school that has deep roots in her family. Here’s to congratulating her on making history at St. George, and to many successful years here.

Marymount University’s Most Notable Alumni

Marymount University is one of the top Catholic universities in the world with its main campus located in Arlington, Virginia. It was first established in 1950 and offers a high quality private education. Over the years many interesting and notable people have graduated from Marymount University. Below are just 4 of the top people who have graduated from Marymount.

Cindy Whitehead
Cindy Whitehead graduated as a Rowley academic scholar with a BA from Marymount University. Since then Whitehead has went on to work for some of the biggest businesses in the world. She was the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Sprout Pharmaceuticals Inc. Whitehead has also held titles with Merck Pharmaceuticals as well as QVC and Dura Pharmaceuticals. Whitehead is currently dedicated to being the CEO of her own company named The Pink Ceiling. The Pink Ceiling offers a variety of different consulting services. They help teams develop strategies as well as campaigns and media awareness. Backed by Cindy Whitehead The Pink Ceiling is dedicated and passionate about impacting the lives of others especially women.

Patricia Reilly Giff
Patricia Reilly Giff received a BA at Marymount University. She then went on to receive degrees at Saint John’s University as well as Hofstra University. After spending almost two decades as a full-time teacher she began specializing in children’s books. Giff has found much popularity through her writing. Some of her most popular books include The Beast In Ms. Rooney’s Room, December Secrets, and Next Stop, New York City.

Doreen Wanda Johnson
Doreen Wanda Johnson (Wikipedia page) is another notable Marymount University graduate. She is currently a member of the New Mexico House of Representatives as a democratic member. In 2016 Doreen Wanda Johnson served on the Committee on Compacts as well as the Education Committee and the Regulatory and Public Affairs Committee. She was born in 1953 in Crownpoint, New Mexico.

Kayla Martell
Kayla Martell is one of the most notable Marymount graduates. Not only is she an American Beauty Queen but she is also the winner of Miss Delaware. Martell also placed in the top 10 at the 2011 Miss America pageant. Martell uses her platform to raise awareness for her health condition alopecia areata. It is a condition in which individuals lose their hair. Martell was born in Milford, Delaware in 1989 and attended Marymount University where she studied broadcast communications.

Although many notable people have graduated from Marymount University these are just four of the most notable people. Each one has went on to pursue their dreams and use their great education to further their career.

NYU Opens a Major Campus in Abu Dhabi

The city of Abu Dhabi is one of the richest in the world, and it has brought over much of what makes the west great. New York University is one of the finest institutions in America, and they are opening a campus in Abu Dhabi that will offer liberal arts and science research facilities. This article explores what NYU may do with a campus in one of the largest and richest cities in the world.

#1: Why Move to Abu Dhabi?

There are quite a lot of students who come from the wealthy families of the middle east. They are studying in the west before going back to their homes, and the campus that has been built by NYU ensures all these students will have a place to go that is not far from home. Enabling them to study with the best in a place that is connected to the mother institution.

#2: How Does the School Serve Students?

The school is populated by brilliant minds who are working every day on the most-complex problems of modern times. They are teaching their students how to reconcile current issues and they are building a school that will serve thousands every year. They are there to help their students learn the world around them, and they earn degrees from one of the biggest and most-prestigious schools in the world. NYU has a reputation for academic excellence, and they are using their power to serve students around the world.

#3: Cooperative Classes

Cooperative classes help students from both campuses talk to each other, and they share information that helps both sides have a better educational experience. They are learning how to manage a world that is changing every day, and both campuses have people who will want to speak to the other. They are learning about other cultures, and they are learning how they may visit the US campus. The exchanges between the two campuses ensure the students are receiving the finest education, and they will feel a connection to the New York school.

Everyone who attends New York University Abu Dhabi campus will learn that it is simple to get the best education in the world, and they will have the pride of going to a school that trains them for the future. They are learning at a pace that will prepare them for their work back at home.

St. George’s New Head of School

Alixe Callen has been selected to be St. George’s new Head of School. Callen will be the 12th Head of School and the first woman to hold the position in the illustrious institution’s history. She will assume her new responsibilities on July 1, 2017.
Callen comes with impeccable credentials and topped a list of 150 candidates that included deans of colleges. She earned her undergraduate degree from Brown College and holds postgraduate degrees from Brown College and Harvard University. While at Harvard, she contributed to courses in school leadership, secondary school design, and school reform. She is highly regarded for her level of academic excellence and achievement.
Callen also brings with her a vast amount of experience in both the public and private education sectors. She is currently the upper school director at Seattle’s Lakeside School. Prior to her current employment, she served as an assistant principle at Needham High School, in Needham, Massachusetts, and then as principle of Acton Boxborough Regional High School in Acton, Massachusetts. During her years in Massachusetts, her residence was on campus at her husband James’ place of employment: The Middlesex School.
As it approached the significant task of selecting St. George’s next Head of School, the members of the search committee — trustees, faculty, alumni, and parents – desired an individual whose education, experience, and vision most closely suited the unique culture of St. George’s. With this criterion in mind, Callen rose to the top of their list. It also helps that Callen has a long history with the school. Her great grandfather, grandfather, great uncle, and uncle are all graduates of St. George’s.

The board of trustees is confident that Alixe Callen is well prepared to lead St. George’s, building on the traditions of the past with a vibrant vision toward the future.

Elite Boarding School Options for Students

Choosing a boarding school is an option many families consider when looking at secondary education for their child. Some are looking for improved academic opportunities for their son or daughter, others seek the rich history and tradition offered across the nation by prestigious boarding schools. Whatever the reason, top boarding schools in the United States greet thousands of highly-qualified, energetic young people every Fall.
American boarding schools have long been seen as mostly East Coast institutions, like St. George’s School. We often think of the fine campuses and programs offered at Phillips Exeter Academy, Choate and St. Andrew’s as the only examples of traditional boarding schools. But in nearly all 50 states, fine boarding schools are available for some of the best students in the country. Schools like Oregon Episcopal provide cutting edge science education, while Tabor Academy across the country in Massachusetts encourages students to center their studies around the maritime history of the area, emphasizing marine and nautical science.
At St. Stephen’s Episcopal in Austin, Texas they believe that what happens outside the classroom is as important as what happens in it. Students are encouraged to explore their interests in film, dance, photography and art. The Webb School in Claremont, California is the only U.S high school with an art museum on campus. And at Blair Academy in New Jersey, students are encouraged to work and think in a “maker-space,” working out real-world design solutions. The school opportunities for young people are as varied as the students themselves.
In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in schools specifically for girls or boys. Much research cites the benefits of single-sex education–much of the evidence aimed at reducing the achievement gap in Math, Science and the Arts. Georgetown Preparatory offers boarding school for boys, while Emma Willard School in Troy, New York has opened its doors to girls only for the last 200 years. Similar schools exist in other states.
Choices abound for families seeking new experiences, challenging academics and the rich cultural traditions that remain at American boarding schools.

Educational Benefits of Private Boarding Schools

Boarding schools are among the most beneficial educational institutions in the world. Living on campus at these facilities ensure that time is never wasted on anything but education, exercise, and culture. Often offering quality housing conditions that ensure studying is easily done with zero distractions, boarding schools develop young minds effectively, accordingly, and properly.

Teacher Qualifications

Public schools hire teachers with general teaching degrees. Though some of these educators have experience in the fields they are teaching, it is a rare gem to come by. Boarding schools, however, are home to the finest educators who typically have degrees in what they are teaching. New England Boarding schools like St. Paul’s School, Deerfield Academy, or St. George’s School employ esteemed faculty. Rather than reiterating a textbook on the chalkboard, these instructors teach with a sense of passion, which is ultimately instilled in their students. Additionally, boarding school rarely gives way to behavioral concerns, so more time is focused on academics rather than disciplinary action.


Rather than the typical physical education offered by public schools, private institutions are home to a vast variety of sports in which the teams compete regionally, nationally, and globally. Tennis, squash, handball, and croquet are only a few of the hundreds of athletic activities made available at boarding schools. Many institutions are equipped with equestrian facilities as well.


Creating cultural experiences by offering quality instruments, choir practice, and courses focusing on fine arts, private facilities ensure that the lives of their students are constantly enriched both academically and during free-time. Incredibly prestigious institutions are often home to fine arts museums, theaters, and concert halls.


Outside of the classroom, boarding schools teach children to be independent. Forcing them to hone in on their money management skills, how to govern their free-time, and how to adapt to a life without their parents, these institutions prepare pupils for the real world. By developing strong networks at young ages, students are able to develop crucial long-term relationships with people who share common interests as well.

The Longevity of Academics

Living at an educational facility results in lesser travel time to and from classes. Eliminating the chance of being late, teachers are able to begin class at the correct time. Facilities that serve both the purpose of being educational and recreational allow students to consistently build crucial knowledge, life skills, and cultural influence.

Learning Slows the Aging Process

creative_brain_smYou surely have seen that a child can learn something new very fast. It’s in their natural ability to learn faster than an adult how to open a smart phone, for example, or how to finish a game.

For them it’s easy, but you also have seen that, with time passing, we find it difficult to learn something new. There is one explanation for this – the brain reacts slower over time, and we will lean slower the new things that are presented to us.

The trick to slowing the natural aging process of the brain is to constantly train it to learn new things. This is not just a simple trick, as it was proven by specialists. The more you learn, the more connections your brain will make, slowing the aging process.

A Second Language

It was proven that those people who learn a second language are predisposed to a longer life, with a longer period of being clear-minded or clear-headed. The trick is that your brain does work more to speak, write and think in the second language that you know. If you do know a third language, that is even better, because it will make even more connections in your brain.

attachment-1-3It’s never to late to start learning a new language, and with the right tutor, you can be fluent in a year or so. It’s also important that you read a lot in that language; this way you will learn more words and phrases and it will make it easier for you to find your words in conversation.

Your brain will be constantly exercised with this simple task as finding the right words in the other language.

Less Stress

Learning something new can also reduce the level of stress in your organism. If you want to start something, but are not sure of what, go with something that you’ve always wanted to do. Choose something like pottery that has also the ability to keep you occupied and reduce the stress.

educationYou’ll see that if you do something that you like, you will be less predisposed to high levels of stress for your body. Pottery, crocheting, or painting, these are not simply hobbies, but they are also a way to keep you younger. It’s about using your brain to provide you with ideas that otherwise couldn’t appear.


Keeping your brain occupied with learning something new is like exercising daily. It was proven that this brings so many benefits for your body, and we can surely assimilate this process with learning. For example, each day you can learn a new word from a dictionary, you can learn to use a new color in your paintings or you can learn a new form for your pottery course.

All it’s simple if it’s done in really small steps, one at a time, and you’ll see that soon you’ll be able to create pieces of arts from your own hobby. Daily exercising brings you a good technique and stability, no matter what you learn.


You need to smile a lot and take one thing at a time. Your brain cannot overload, so don’t stress yourself that you’re not able to learn something in a day. Learning takes time and patience, but it can be done.

Take a look at other people who have learned to fly at an older age, who speak three or four languages, who make beautiful pots or who sew nice tapestry. It can all be done, but it cannot be done in just one day. So relax, enjoy what you do and soon you’ll see the results.

Try it with us, at CoalKing and see what we can teach you!