Learning Slows the Aging Process

creative_brain_smYou surely have seen that a child can learn something new very fast. It’s in their natural ability to learn faster than an adult how to open a smart phone, for example, or how to finish a game.

For them it’s easy, but you also have seen that, with time passing, we find it difficult to learn something new. There is one explanation for this – the brain reacts slower over time, and we will lean slower the new things that are presented to us.

The trick to slowing the natural aging process of the brain is to constantly train it to learn new things. This is not just a simple trick, as it was proven by specialists. The more you learn, the more connections your brain will make, slowing the aging process.

A Second Language

It was proven that those people who learn a second language are predisposed to a longer life, with a longer period of being clear-minded or clear-headed. The trick is that your brain does work more to speak, write and think in the second language that you know. If you do know a third language, that is even better, because it will make even more connections in your brain.

attachment-1-3It’s never to late to start learning a new language, and with the right tutor, you can be fluent in a year or so. It’s also important that you read a lot in that language; this way you will learn more words and phrases and it will make it easier for you to find your words in conversation.

Your brain will be constantly exercised with this simple task as finding the right words in the other language.

Less Stress

Learning something new can also reduce the level of stress in your organism. If you want to start something, but are not sure of what, go with something that you’ve always wanted to do. Choose something like pottery that has also the ability to keep you occupied and reduce the stress.

educationYou’ll see that if you do something that you like, you will be less predisposed to high levels of stress for your body. Pottery, crocheting, or painting, these are not simply hobbies, but they are also a way to keep you younger. It’s about using your brain to provide you with ideas that otherwise couldn’t appear.


Keeping your brain occupied with learning something new is like exercising daily. It was proven that this brings so many benefits for your body, and we can surely assimilate this process with learning. For example, each day you can learn a new word from a dictionary, you can learn to use a new color in your paintings or you can learn a new form for your pottery course.

All it’s simple if it’s done in really small steps, one at a time, and you’ll see that soon you’ll be able to create pieces of arts from your own hobby. Daily exercising brings you a good technique and stability, no matter what you learn.


You need to smile a lot and take one thing at a time. Your brain cannot overload, so don’t stress yourself that you’re not able to learn something in a day. Learning takes time and patience, but it can be done.

Take a look at other people who have learned to fly at an older age, who speak three or four languages, who make beautiful pots or who sew nice tapestry. It can all be done, but it cannot be done in just one day. So relax, enjoy what you do and soon you’ll see the results.

Try it with us, at CoalKing and see what we can teach you!

Stanley Solis