Marymount University’s Most Notable Alumni

Marymount University is one of the top Catholic universities in the world with its main campus located in Arlington, Virginia. It was first established in 1950 and offers a high quality private education. Over the years many interesting and notable people have graduated from Marymount University. Below are just 4 of the top people who have graduated from Marymount.

Cindy Whitehead
Cindy Whitehead graduated as a Rowley academic scholar with a BA from Marymount University. Since then Whitehead has went on to work for some of the biggest businesses in the world. She was the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Sprout Pharmaceuticals Inc. Whitehead has also held titles with Merck Pharmaceuticals as well as QVC and Dura Pharmaceuticals. Whitehead is currently dedicated to being the CEO of her own company named The Pink Ceiling. The Pink Ceiling offers a variety of different consulting services. They help teams develop strategies as well as campaigns and media awareness. Backed by Cindy Whitehead The Pink Ceiling is dedicated and passionate about impacting the lives of others especially women.

Patricia Reilly Giff
Patricia Reilly Giff received a BA at Marymount University. She then went on to receive degrees at Saint John’s University as well as Hofstra University. After spending almost two decades as a full-time teacher she began specializing in children’s books. Giff has found much popularity through her writing. Some of her most popular books include The Beast In Ms. Rooney’s Room, December Secrets, and Next Stop, New York City.

Doreen Wanda Johnson
Doreen Wanda Johnson (Wikipedia page) is another notable Marymount University graduate. She is currently a member of the New Mexico House of Representatives as a democratic member. In 2016 Doreen Wanda Johnson served on the Committee on Compacts as well as the Education Committee and the Regulatory and Public Affairs Committee. She was born in 1953 in Crownpoint, New Mexico.

Kayla Martell
Kayla Martell is one of the most notable Marymount graduates. Not only is she an American Beauty Queen but she is also the winner of Miss Delaware. Martell also placed in the top 10 at the 2011 Miss America pageant. Martell uses her platform to raise awareness for her health condition alopecia areata. It is a condition in which individuals lose their hair. Martell was born in Milford, Delaware in 1989 and attended Marymount University where she studied broadcast communications.

Although many notable people have graduated from Marymount University these are just four of the most notable people. Each one has went on to pursue their dreams and use their great education to further their career.

Stanley Solis