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Fraternal Societies Photo Gallery

The Italian women’s society was the Loggia Stella D’Italia No. 105 [Star of Italy Lodge], also a part of the Ordine Indipendente Fior d’Italia. According to Ferucio De Cecco, the Women’s Lodge was disbanded in the early 1970s because of failing numbers while the men’s Lodge continued and still existed in the late 1970s.This commemorative photo includes all of the men who worked in the Coalhurst mine and were members of the Ordine Indipendente Fior D’Italia, Coalhurst, 1916-1926. It includes the Loggia princess. The Societa Operaia Italiana di M.S. [Mutuo Soccorso or Mutual Help] had an impressive building and reflected the large Italian population.

The Fernie Lodge was historically the most important being the vehicle by which local Italian miners separated themselves from their American counterpart and established their own model of a fraternal society. This photography shows a mature Italian community proud of its culture and traditions. Both men and women wear their sashes and the float features the principessa [princess]. The Clozza family have served as “memory keepers” for the Italian mining communities in Drumheller Valley associated with the Sunshine, Midlandvale and Brilliant Mines.  This photograph of the Ordine Indipendenti Fior D’Italia is one of the few photographs that identifies all of the Loggia members.  Top row:  ? Berti, M. or D. Morelli, Ricardo Guidolin, Charlie Chiereri, Antonio Contenti, Frank Walters, Guildo Guidolin, Rudy Pavon, Domenic Micarello, Jim Berlando, Elio Moro, Ernesto Chiuppi, unknown.  Middle row:  Giovanni Castelli, Genio Della Lana, Salvatore Carta, Pietro Pedrini, Luigi Bordin, Arturo Bino, Frank Carras, Ernesto Marochi, Vittorio Dozi, Angelo Clozza, Frank Zilli.  Front row:  Ercole Miglierini, Nick Fresu, Ettore Chiuppi, Frank Carta, Corado Ledger, Jim Sandino, Antonio Fresu, ? Di Costa.

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