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Religious Life Photo Gallery

“My Big Fat Italian Wedding” has become a part of Canadian folklore.  The wedding was not just the union of two individuals.  It was a union in the eyes of God and was a sacrament celebrated in a Catholic church.  It was also a union of families and an opportunity for the entire community to celebrate and affirm life and its continuity through the family.  While many Italian parents wanted their children to marry another “good” Italian boy or girl, marriage with other “Canadians” was common.  Eno Montegani and Dolly Sheretta are seen with their wedding party which includes Katie Podgornik, Eva Sheretta, Mr. Sheretta, Annie Lipnick, Joe Fumigalli, Louis Luini, Joe Bartioletti. This happy wedding group includes musicians with a violin and accordion.For most Italian immigrants, religion was an important part of their lives.Italian marriages were meant to last for life and some did. The Montalbetti family is a founding family in the Pass. This formal funeral photo in front of the hearse shows family and Italian Society members:  Right to left:  Leandro (Andy Oliva), Francesco Alampi, Louie Salvador, Capola brothers [uncertain], Silio Castellano, Giorgio Aristone and Oswaldo Castellano.  Deceased is Francesco Oliva

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